While Julie is sailing around the Florida Keys and Cozumel, Mexico on the Soap Cruise, I volunteered to fill in and write the blog this week. Although I am the The Bold and the Beautiful writer for Soaps.com, GH has always been one of my favorite soaps, so I was happy for the chance to express my opinion on all the week’s happenings.

This week started out by bringing one of my favorite recurring characters back, if only briefly. Any day Coleman shows up is a good one in my opinion. And while I am a huge fan of his bad boy swagger, I think part of his charm is that he only pops up on occasion, so he is always a welcome sight and makes any scene he’s in better. If he were on all the time, I would probably grow tired of him, so I’m happy to have him only show up every once in awhile. It’s like a little unexpected treat every now and then.

While I’m on the topic of Coleman, isn’t his bar Jake’s the town hangout? Why does Johnny think he can hide the fact that he’s sweeping up at the bar from Lulu? If he continues to work there, there’s a really good chance she will walk in and see him.

This week also brought Natalia Livingston’s debut as her new character, Rebecca. I really like Natalia’s new look and am looking forward to seeing just what is up with the x-ray technician, but I could have done without her attitude, since she was at the hospital to apply for a job! That’s just nit picking though, because I was intrigued by the sparks between her and Matt Hunter. I would like to see something develop between them if for no other reason than because Matt’s portrayer, Jason Cook, needs more to do than just trade barbs with his onscreen brother Patrick. He’s cute, charming and a decent actor, but they brought him and gave him no real direction. So lets give him a storyline already! One that doesn’t come between Spinelli and Maxie of course.

Here’s the problem with the ‘event’ story this year, as I see it: there’s no cohesive thread to tie everything together. With the Metro Court hostage crisis (which was brilliant in my opinion), it pretty much started with everyone gathering at the hotel and every scene afterwards dealt with the crisis, all leading up to the scenes that were previewed every day: Nikolas running out of the hotel with Robin, Patrick racing over to them and the hotel blowing up. Likewise, with the Spoon Island story. We first saw Nikolas crying out after seeing a dead body and we are then given scenes of everyone gathering on the Island for the Black and White ball, eventually leading up to the reveal that it’s Emily who is dead. There’s none of that this time. We see Patrick talking about what happened in the O.R. and Winifred talking on the phone about who was at the charity fundraiser, but we forget about it when we see the day’s episode because it has NOTHING to do with what is supposed to unfold. All the scenes that are to come look engaging and I’m excited for them, because I really enjoyed the first hospital outbreak story they did a couple of years ago when Robert first came back, but why not just let the story unfold instead of having the ‘flash forwards’ at the beginning of each episode? The stuff in the O.R. and what happens afterwards looks interesting enough all on their own.