If Port Charles could turn back time.

The return of Franco had drudged up a lot of mixed feelings, mostly culminating between hate and revenge. Recently, he tried to offer Port Charles a new point of view on what happened during his last reign of terror. Franco’s take on past events weren’t embraced by his captive audience, least of all Michael who may have suffered the most. The recent turn of events seem to have opened old wounds.

In 2010 Michael was raped in prison at the hands of Carter. Initially it was believed to be an act instigated by Franco to torture his twin brother, Jason Morgan. The storyline of the rape garnered much interest and controversy. It may have had its critics, but the portrayal of a young man raped in prison and how he dealt with it on the outside was well thought out. Michael faced challenges adjusting to being on the outside and coming to terms with what happened to him. He already had issues of anger management following his brain injury and was faced with rebuilding his life again. He was lucky to have the support network of his family and friends. Carly was loving, supportive and believed he should get all the help he needed. Jason reminded Michael that he was a survivor and not a victim. Sam shared he was not alone, having believed she had been raped by Franco during her honeymoon.

Michael’s rape will remain something that happened to him. When looking back to past events, can real blame be placed to any one person or event? Vote and let us know your thoughts.