Terms of endearment.

Dr. Westbourne was all moved and settled in Sabrina’s apartment, but what’s that sound at the door? Felix arrived home and wondered aloud what her highness was doing there. It wasn’t long after that moment that Felix DuBois coined yet another name for the doctor, Her Brittness.

Maybe it was because he heard her ringing that little servant’s bell and ordering Sabrina around to walk to the well for fresh water, or maybe it was because she was propped up on every pillow on the couch that he was planning to watch his favorite soap opera from. Whatever the reason, Felix once again aptly nicknamed Dr. Britt. It’s a given that this won’t be the last nickname for her that will pass across his pursed lips.

You’ve hopefully heard all or the best of Felix’s pet names for Britt. If not, the ones we remembered are listed below. Pick your favorite nickname for Dr. Britt Westbourne, or comment below to share another.