Dissolving the boundary between illusion and reality.

2010 repeated itself this week in Port Charles when Franco returned to host a party on the Haunted Star. It wasn’t the art exhibit faire of days past, but it drew a captive audience of Jason’s closest friends and family. Since this was Franco Port Charles was dealing with, it should be remembered that Franco did not go gentle into that good night. Even though Jason was gone, Franco had a plan.

It started in 2009 when Franco (then played by James Franco) came to Port Charles targeting Jason for being the heir apparent to the likes of the Quartermaines. Through some twist of fate, Franco was unknown. He worked hard with constant badgering and cat and mouse games to taunt Jason and scare his friends. It culminated with a final performance art piece at MOCA which had been preceded by the kidnapping of Elizabeth’s baby in General Hospital. There was a long list of performance pieces that led up to that night. If you remember them all, vote in our survey.