He’s making a list, checking it twice.

The blond-haired mystery man is drafting his surprise party guest list after contracting the Haunted Star from Lulu. Unbeknownst to Lulu, parties on boats in the Port Charles vicinity don’t end well.

In late 2011, Dr. Matt Hunter commissioned a boat for a special celebration. Before evening’s end, Matt was drunk and unaware that Lisa Niles was aboard. Maxie hitched a ride with a jealous Spinelli to make a fashionably late arrival. A mobster showed up and gathered incriminating evidence to be used later and a few party guests ended up dead or injured. Elizabeth Webber was even fished out of the water by her own mystery man back then, Dr. Ewen Keenan. Unfortunately for Matt, his party ended in a prison sentence for murder for him. In a twist of fate, someone lost their job because of something that happened on the boat during all the chaos that night.

Do you remember who got fired later as the result of Matt’s boat party?