Credit: Pirate Luke. (ABC)

“GH” Rundown for the week of May 13-17:

The pace was a little slow this week, but a comfortable one filled with new character additions, a Quartermaine war, and a family out to protect one of its own.

The clash of the condiments.
It will be hard to relish the thought of buying Pickle-Lila or Pickle-Eddie after the events that unfolded on “The Chew.” Things seemed to be going so well. Tracy had a guardian angel hell bent on getting her to “The Chew” on time. She credited daddy, but my money’s on Luke for creating a diversion for Tracy to escape. This is one storyline that continues to get crazy and it’s all downhill from here. Tracy overheard that Carly and AJ slept together. AJ regretted not coming clean with Elizabeth earlier. Now he has to keep in line or lose Elizabeth.

Mob sisters.
Olivia and Connie were a hoot. Those Bensonhurst ladies rocked eating pizza and guarding the bad guy. It was the least they could do after those bozos trashed Crimson and threatened their lives. Maybe Sonny should marry Olivia, at the very least she should be his next hired gun. She looks more experienced than Milo.

Mob brothers.
Michael really went to bat for his brother. He was always the rock and protector in his family. The task of saving Morgan was not an easy one and in the end Sonny’s intervention was necessary. It was one of those moments that left us pulling for the mob boss. Morgan appeared to have replaced Kristina in the handful department. Dragging him back to Port Charles should prove exciting.