One good turn deserves another.

Recently, Johnny Zacchara had the opportunity to do right by someone who helped him once in the past. Johnny never thought much of Sonny Corinthos, but Sonny’s children were always another matter.

In 2009 Johnny was kidnapped and held at the Port Charles waterfront by Joey Limbo and his thugs. Johnny was eager to get out for a party at the Metro Court but Joey had direct orders from the person who hired him to keep Johnny out of the way. His cries for help would have gone unheard if Molly Lansing-Davis didn’t have a school project. Fortunate for her she had a chaperone, her cousin, Morgan Corinthos. Morgan recognized Johnny’s voice and devised a plan so Molly and he could assist Johnny in his escape. The two of them outwitted Joey’s thugs and Johnny saw them home to safety.