Did you ever love somebody?

This is rich. So it’s one of those relationships, hate ’em and love ’em. Carly and AJ really know how to catch up to each other when they are down. Are Carly and AJ rebounding or could history be repeating itself if one thing leads to another again as they spend time together in the same house where they were once wed.

In 1997 Carly walked into Jake’s looking for her friend Jason Morgan and hooked up with AJ while they were both trying to forget their troubles. Within two years they would be married. Carly told Bobbie before she walked down the aisle that everyone in Port Charles thought she was making a big mistake. She didn’t think the same for some reason and tied the knot at the Quartermaine’s. There were awkward moments, like Carly forgetting his name and not having a ring for him. They lived there together until after Carly had fallen down the stairs during an argument with AJ while he was drunk. Edward threw him out. He returned though.