No longer do General Hospital have to rely on their DVR or SOAPnet in order to catch complete episodes of their favorite soap. From today forward, you can go to ABC’s site and catch up to a week’s worth of episodes in their high-definition, full-screen glory. The only catch is that today’s episode won’t be available until tomorrow. To be specific, the most recent five episodes will be available for one full week after the original airdate (starting the next day).

ABC fans of all genres have reason to celebrate because shows like “Grey’s Anatomy”, “The View”, “The Bachelor”, “Brothers & Sisters”, “Desperate Housewives” and many more are available now too.

For those of you who enjoy reading your recaps, fear not,’s daily recaps are in-depth, full of pictures and usually posted well within an hour of the ending of the Eastern Standard show time. We’re still your first course of action if you can’t bear to wait for ABC or SOAPnet to air the current episode.

It’s all good because we all want to make sure that the soap opera genre stays around for years to come!