Credit: Deshler and Kring twins. (Twitter)

“He is hoping for everything to settle down and be normal and calm.”

In 1997, actor Jimmy Deshler was just 3 when ABC premiered the “GH” spinoff “Port Charles,” where the basis of his character, Rafe Kovich Jr., first began. Little did he know back then he would one day play the son of a supposed vampire. Deshler took some time to speak with about what he thinks might happen between him and Molly (Haley Pullos), his love for babies, and what it feels like to suddenly be part of a show celebrating its 50th anniversary. How did you get the part of Rafe?

Deshler: I got an audition for it and from there I got a callback. From the callback I went to a testing and then booked it right from there. What was your experience like when you first got on set?

Deshler: It was amazing. I thought it would be a little bit more nerve-wracking than it was, because everyone was so welcoming and so nice that it made it a lot easier. It took a lot of pressure off of me so it wasn’t too bad. I enjoyed it. Did you have to do a lot of research about your character’s background and “Port Charles?”

Deshler: I sat down with the writers and they kind of gave me the backstory of “Port Charles” and my mom (Alison Barrington played by Erin Hershey Presley) and everything that had happened with that. And that was pretty much everything. They gave me the whole backstory and where they were taking my character and that is about it. Did you know when you were brought on that you would stay in Port Charles after the vampire storyline wrapped up?

Deshler: I did not. I was hoping I would be, and I am, so I am very grateful of that. It is just great to still be around. Now that Rafe is settling in to Port Charles, what kind of life is he hoping for?

Deshler: He is hoping for everything to settle down and be normal and calm. He went through a whole lot when he first got there, so I guess he is looking for a peaceful, relaxing, calm, rest of his life. Do you think Rafe will want to learn more about his father (Stephen Clay/Jacob Morley played by Michael Easton)?

Deshler: In a way he kind of does. He is curious about that a little bit. But a part of him doesn’t want anything to do with it. But I think he might get a little curious. We saw Rafe get turned down by Molly this week. Are we going to see Rafe keep trying with her despite TJ (Tequan Richmond)?

Deshler: I feel like he is. Yeah, probably, because Molly is so great to him and after everything she has done for him, he has never had someone like that in his life. I don’t think he will give up too easily. How do you think Molly feels about Rafe?

Deshler: I feel like there is some feelings hidden that she just can’t express because she has a boyfriend. But I feel like there definitely is something there. How does Rafe feel about his new living arrangement with Sam (Kelly Monaco) and Danny (Jaxon and Jakob Kring)? That was an interesting twist.

Deshler: Yeah, he loves it. He loves baby Danny and he is really grateful of Sam and everything she is doing for him. And he definitely feels at home.