Ellie in the know? (ABC)

“GH” Rundown for the week of April 22-26:

This week wasn’t so harried on the set of “GH” which turned out to be a nice reprieve. A few core stories were given the time they needed to develop at a more comfortable pace.

Brenda. Goodbye.
Oh, she came clean this week. Michael had more maturity in his pinky finger than Brenda Barrett had in her whole body. He actually had more than Brenda and Carly put together. Sonny didn’t do too bad himself either. He said goodbye and didn’t need Carly’s help, even when she arrived to the airport too late to catch Brenda. It’s uncertain what could have happened if she were on time. Be thankful. It could have involved the slinging of airport food.

Connie. Hello.
It’s Connie and Maxie together again. Connie needs Maxie. There’s no one else in Port Charles, let alone the world, that can identify who owns what bling at 60 paces. After making Maxie feel somewhat comfortable around her again, Connie had an opportunity to make things right with Milo at the Floating Rib. He was as fearful as Maxie was of new Connie. He probably thought she was going to drag him to a back room and have her way with him. She’d be a much better match for Max right now since Diane left him. Hopefully he’ll get over worrying about what the boss thinks at some point. That would make for a juicy storyline. Lucky for Milo a confused Lulu was planted by his side later at the bar which more than made up for his night.

My hero.
Lulu’s home, at least that is what everyone told her. She took matters into her own hands and escaped from GH to avoid her family. The coolest thing about this so far is that we get a sneak peek into the lives of the Giambetti brothers. Well, the part that doesn’t involve cleaning up after Sonny Corinthos. It only confirms that sweet Milo is in the wrong line of work. Max really needs to lighten up and cut his brother some slack.

The Prince of Love.
This week Nikolas dispensed relationship advice to anyone who graced his presence. He took the time to give Scott Baldwin blessings to marry Laura. He also told Elizabeth how AJ had enough feelings for her to mess things up. Too bad he didn’t try to get Tracy and Luke back together…and it is too bad he didn’t steal a kiss from Elizabeth when he had the chance. It’s a wonder all the GH nurses aren’t lining up to give him his sponge bath, including Felix. He’s missing out.

The Princess of Love.
All of a sudden Sabrina is quite the siren. She needs to go visit Nikolas so he can tell her to tone it down a bit and give Felix all those sexy clothes back. Too much has changed about Sabrina. The new Sabrina is missing her warm side. She hasn’t been as endearing. Maybe she is hanging with Felix a little more than she should. It seems weird how comfortable she and Patrick are together too. They haven’t spent hardly any time together and they’ve turned into two clingy almost-lovers.