The apple didn’t fall far from that old tree.

Lulu is at a loss for more than words. The poor girl has lost her memory. Apparently Stavros Cassadine received quite the schooling from mommy Helena. Hopefully he didn’t learn everything his mother knew about brainwashing and controlling someone. Luke and Laura remembered this wasn’t the first time a Spencer has suffered this fate.

In 1999 Lucky Spencer (Jonathan Jackson) was kidnapped and brainwashed by dear old Helena. She wasn’t just trying to get Lucky to forget his family. She wanted him to hate them. In addition Helena had a long “to do” list for Lucky while he was under her control.

When he returned in 2000 (Jacob Young), he pushed Elizabeth out of his life and poisoned Lucas so Helena could gain control of Dr. Tony Jones to do her bidding. Nikolas and Elizabeth came up with a plan that helped them catch Helena in the act of using the Ice Princess to erase Lucky’s memories. When Elizabeth finally found the Ice Princess she couldn’t figure out how to use it. At some point Lucky threw the Ice Princess in the river. In the end Lucky’s love for Elizabeth won out. The more he focused on their shared loved, the more he broke free from the control Helena had over him.