A sister, a friend, a partner in crime.

Nikolas woke from a coma and found his family much smaller than before. Laura broke the news to him that Helena was gone and she, his own mother, had killed his father. He’ll always have Alexis, Laura, Lucky and Lulu. Unfortunately Lulu can hardly remember her own name. It’s not totally his fault, but he did know his family was crazy and that Stavros was alive. At least he made it back from unconsciousness to share that bit of news.

Nikolas has a special relationship with his baby sister Lulu. They are not the only siblings in Port Charles to share unique life experiences though. Even Johnny and Claudia stood by each other through the thick and the thin of it (despite the fact she turned out to be his mother). Which siblings have you enjoyed watching the most? Share your favorite storylines in the comments below.