Breaking bread together.

There is no love lost between Carly and Brenda. The two can’t or won’t try to get along even if it is for a good cause. During the recent Nurses’ Ball the two were coincidentally seated together. Hopefully the person who created the seating chart for that event lost their job for the food fight that quickly ensued when Brenda lobbed a roll at the back of Carly’s head.

Carly isn’t the only Spencer who has had to endure humiliation from someone armed with food. In 1996 Bobbie was on the receiving end of Monica’s fork. Bobbie was extending an olive branch, or hoping to receive one, after being caught in a hotel with Alan by Monica and Tony. They decided to eat in when Bobbie dropped by hoping to take Monica out for a talk. Luckily for the two of them Cook was out when Alan found them laughing on the kitchen floor covered in food.