Deadly games.
The Nurses’ Ball is fast approaching and the Metro Court Ballroom has undergone a makeover for the big day. The festivities will be topnotch but the event is sure to bring more than music and glam. The location alone already fills the hearts of many with fear if they remember all the violence that has taken place in the short amount of time since the hotel opened.

Jasper Jacks’ investment honoring his late wife Courtney after the Port Charles Hotel burned down has been the locale for an assignation attempt, a hostage crises and a birthday party gone bad. The latter, held in October 2009, was one of the last major Port Charles events at the Metro Court. Sonny wanted to give Claudia Zacchara a birthday party. Emotions were running high all night as Jason finally convinced Sonny before the party that Claudia ordered the hit responsible for Michael getting shot. Meanwhile Johnny was being held hostage at the docks worried for Claudia while she had a pre-party rumble with one of Sonny’s former women in a room at the hotel. The party took a deadly turn when Claudia figured Sonny knew she was responsible for Michael being shot. She grabbed a pregnant Carly and escaped the Metro Court only to meet her final demise later at the hands of Michael trying to protect Carly and her newborn baby.

Do you remember Claudia’s fight that resulted in police involvement? Vote if you know who Claudia got physical with before joining the party.