My sister’s keeper.

Nikolas Cassadine returned to Port Charles for his sister Lulu this week, but according to his estimation he returned too late. Before he could understand why his mother was back in town and explain to Luke what he meant, he was shot. Luke and Laura hope his injury does not prove fatal and that they can find out why Nickolas came for Lulu.

Lulu happened to be the reason Nikolas first came to Port Charles in 1996. As an infant Lulu suffered from a condition called aplastic anemia which required a lifesaving bone marrow transplant. Nikolas had reservations when his uncle Stefan brought him to Port Charles to help Lulu but he wanted a relationship with his mother even though he didn’t trust her. He had no problem trusting Lulu, his innocent little sister. In the hospital he told her a story of a prince coming to save a little princess who dropped out of the sky and into a boat. Lulu had no say in her brother’s presence and could be nothing but accepting of him. Lucky on the other hand heard the news from Nikolas in his sister’s hospital room that he had a brother. Their meeting was the first of many Spencer/Cassadine confrontations between the two. Lucky didn’t seem to care that Nikolas had anything to do with saving Lulu’s life. It wasn’t long before they were fighting each other outside of Ruby’s Dinner. The secret that Laura bore a son with Stavros Cassadine while held in captivity greatly impacted her relationship with Luke when he demanded that she choose between Nikolas and her family. Laura made the difficult decision to choose her family with Luke over Nikolas hurting him deeply at the time. He may never have gotten over it, but he would also never get over the feeling of caring for a sister whom he accepted and took care of at every opportunity.

When Laura let Nikolas down the women in his uncle’s life were the only maternal examples he had. One surrogate in particular turned into a crush.