Get to the church on time.
Scott Baldwin nearly overplayed his hand. He roped Lucy Coe into his plot to take Laura’s hand in marriage on short notice before she found out that Luke was available for the taking. It didn’t go off without a hitch. Laura figured out Scotty knew that Anna dumped Luke.

It was hard to determine if Laura was in love with Scotty or if she felt pressure to marry him when Lucy and Kevin arrived at the courthouse. Laura responded in the affirmative though that there would be a wedding.

This was quite the opposite of what happened before Scott and Laura’s first wedding in 1979. The shoe was on the other foot. Laura thought she was going to be left waiting at the altar. Port Charles waited for Scott’s arrival. Earlier, Laura and Scott had an argument. Laura spent the day getting ready for the wedding and discussing with Monica what had caused her and Scott to argue. Most everyone made it to the park on time for the wedding with the exception of Scott. When word came from a friend that he had a message for Laura, she figured she had lost him. Scott finally showed up and vows were exchanged.

Tell us if you remember what kept Scott.