I’m not going anywhere.

Scotty caught Laura looking at her Spencer family photo album this week. As she waited to attend Lulu and Dante’s party to unveil the sonogram image of their baby, she reflected on her past with Luke. She told Scotty that maybe Lulu would be interested in her baby pictures. Most likely, pictures could not tell the whole story about Lulu’s arrival.

The birth of Lesley Lu Spencer was not without drama when she arrived the summer of 1994. Luke and Lucky had come home not aware that Laura was lying at the bottom of the basement steps behind a locked door. If not for the family dog dragging Luke out of the fridge away from his feeding frenzy he would not have tried to open the door to see what was the matter. Laura had hidden after two men got into the house under false pretenses as a warning to Luke. She slipped down the stairs after locking the door for protection.

At the hospital Luke and Laura remembered the arrival of Lucky as they prepared for the arrival of their new baby. Lulu came early but was strong. Laura was weak but was fighting for her life. Lucky had realized that his mother was in serious condition. He blamed the bad men. While keeping vigil they planned what they would do to make it right and to take care of Laura if she came home. Lucky visited his sister and told her all about their great dad and that Luke would tell her all about her mom someday if he had to.

At Laura’s bedside he begged her not to leave him because he couldn’t do it alone. He was thrilled when she came to and was on the road to recovery. Luke, Laura and Lucky then were set with the task of naming the next Spencer.

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– Violette DeSantis