The Secret Life of Damian Spinelli.

We’ve just witnessed the book launch of Love In Maine which didn’t go off without a hitch. The whole scenario of Connie or Kate suffering from DID brings back memories of a similar breakdown following the launch of the last book published in Port Charles.

Damian Spinelli, aka The Jackal, entered the scene in 2006 and quickly rose up the ranks from computer geek for the mob to private eye. In recent years he had been imagining himself as the Sam Spade of Port Charles, with all the pretty ladies pining over him. After suffering a broken heart and taking a bullet to save Maxie from Lisa Niles, Spinelli recovered from surgery and identified himself as Jackal P.I., greatly worrying his friends. It took Damian some time, but he eventually shook the persona that had infiltrated his being. Luckily for him he kept the detective skills and soon returned to his normal geek glory.

Jackal P.I. shared his exploits in the book with another main character. Tell us which one and what you thought of the book if you read it. (Don’t give away the answer in the comments please.)