There goes the neighborhood.

Honestly, it doesn’t get crazier than alleged vampires running around on a soap opera, unless your soap was about vampires to begin with. The problem is the very existence of Spoon Island attracts all kinds of miscreants. Alexis may have a lot on her plate but she really needs to step up and decide what to do with Wyndemere. One would think it was creepy enough with Cassadine’s living in the place, but apparently it can get a lot worse. It would be hard to count how many murders and abductions have taken place there.

Granted there is nothing cooler than a castle on an island with hidden tunnels, unless it is dark and Helena is in town, but if Alexis isn’t careful Jerry Jacks or Cesar Faison might move in, or even worse, another Cassadine. Alexis should do the honorable thing and lease that joint out before things get any more out of hand.

If Nikolas doesn’t return, what would you like to see done with the place? Here are a few ideas to consider and discuss.