I do, and I do.

Carly went out of her way the other day to convince Todd Manning she had moved on with someone else. To prove her point she kissed A.J. at the Metro Court. It would have been more believable if she ran after Sonny but A.J. was available. It probably wasn’t a good idea to play a game of deceit with A.J. given their history and given the fact that the last time she played the game with a guy or two she ended up married twice. Hopefully she won’t end up back where she started.

In 2006 Carly got involved with Jasper Jacks when she decided to help him raise her best friend’s baby after she died giving birth. It started out innocent but at some point Carly and Jax felt they were protecting Courtney’s baby when they decided to keep the truth about the baby’s paternity quiet. They had to support each other in their grief over losing Courtney and soon over having to give the baby to the rightful father, Nikolas Cassadine. Somewhere along the way, that comfort turned into love and then marriage.

The marriage was postponed for another dalliance into deceit when Carly had to first marry Sonny to protect herself from having to testify against him. Appearing to be her own worst enemy, before she divorced Sonny she of course slept with him. A divorce and marriage to the then man of her dreams was pulled off without a hitch.

Now is the time to speculate what’s in store for Monica when Chris Robinson Returns To GH. Soaps.com’s Dallas Recap: JR’s Masterpiece leaves us hanging wondering who shot JR this week so visit each Monday evening after the show for future recaps for the answer.

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– Violette DeSantis