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“GH” Rundown for the week of March 4-8:

Not too many people had a good week in Port Charles as Rafe was sent to a group home, Kate and Connie waged a mental war, Steve was arrested, Olivia’s wedding was ruined and Sabrina was sabotaged. A lot of viewers were glad to see what appeared to be the end of the vamp storyline, while others were glad to be left hanging with the hope of an eventual return.

The mortician.
It would be great to see the casting call notice they posted about the briefly-on-air mortician who looked like he was coiffed by Stephen Clay’s stylist. A perfect way to leave the storyline open with a hint of cheek. No one ever dies in Port Charles, especially the undead.

Heather’s total turnaround.
Remorse has a new friend in Heather Webber. Rafe must have truly touched her, not that there is any guarantee how long it will last. And as Todd is about to leave the show for a bit, these last scenes between the two are sure to be their last for a bit, so I am savoring every last minute. They really have become friends of sorts after all the craziness they have been through together the past year and it’s a pairing that will be missed. She did him a solid on the stand too – like the headline said, glue doesn’t stick to Todd Manning.

Sam’s father.
Enough with the teasing already – we are ready to know who Alexis did the deed with way back when to make little Sam!

Back on the sauce?
So is anyone going to bring up the fact that Luke is drinking again? He has taken a few drinks over the past few weeks and no one seems to think anything of it. Tracy should give it a mention at least. This can only mean complications for any kind of relationship that could be on the horizon with Laura who finally had some scenes this week. She really let Scott control her every action. Standing up for herself has never been her strong suit and he is taking every advantage.

We got some good scenes with Luke and Tracy though, although I can’t understand why Tracy is acting so crazy all the time. Was her father that much of a stabilizing force that without him she can’t make one sane decision? She really needs to rein it in before she self-destructs.

Still waiting to see Lucy and Scott share a scene. We got a quick reunion between her and Kevin – it didn’t take much for him to take her back, just a long bath in some CoeCoe products and he was putty in her hands. But did he really say, “Shut up and kiss me?” Ack.

The love triangle.
Sonny has found himself in a few sticky situations before, but nothing like he is involved with now, torn between the love of two women who just happen to share the same body. He really needs to stop falling asleep so hard after having sex with these two. What do you think would be the best thing for Sonny? Vote in our GH Poll: Sonny’s loves.

Connie made a pretty convincing argument to Kate about which one of them was the real deal, and for someone who seems so committed to getting better, so much so that she was able to take over, yet again. And why can’t Patrick, a supposed neuro-expert, help sort this whole thing out? Maybe if he wasn’t too busy defending Sabrina from evil Britt.