No jailbreak today.

The PCPD has had a busy week restraining prisoners. Lucy is pretty smart and between her and Molly the two got things done when they needed to escape from lockup so they could find Sam and Danny. John and Rafe were lucky to have their brain power as Lucy persuaded Molly to help the three of them while she provided a successful diversion. There certainly is strength in numbers.

Can we blame the PCPD for its lax security? It hasn’t seen this many criminals in need of a cell in a while. Usually they don’t have this much trouble keeping them contained either, at least when the prisoners are trying hard not to escape.

In 2007 following the death of Lorenzo Alcazar, Lucky arrested Jason on suspicion of murder, Sonny was taken into custody for questioning, and Kate was taken in for fighting with the police. On the other side of town Ric was claiming he was the only one who could protect Skye if Sonny and Jason felt threatened by her. Unfortunately no one had a reason to arrest Ric for being a nuisance. Meanwhile Carly was mad because Sonny was more concerned with Kate’s well-being than with Jason’s. She visited Jason in jail and told him she wanted to convince Lucky that it was a mistake to arrest him. Jason wasn’t having any of it and was content to leave Lucky out of it.

Perhaps some motivation from Spinelli would get through to Stone Cold…or maybe not. Spinelli visited Jason and filled him in on the ingenious plan that would allow Jason to escape effortlessly when his cell unlocked at a given time that evening. Jason protested, not wanting Spinelli to get into any kind of trouble. It appeared no jailbreak would be necessary under any circumstances. No method but the law would be used to spring Jason out of jail it seemed. Quite frankly we should be surprised the PCPD didn’t just open up the doors and spring him to make room for Emily who was in danger of going to jail for espionage because of Jerry Jax or Tracy who was keeping something from Scotty Baldwin while conversing with Alan’s ghost.

Jason finally changed his mind after Jake was kidnapped. Spinelli came to his rescue and agreed to provide a diversion so Jason could bust out. One was never needed though as Diane earned her salary and Jason was let go free on bail.

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– Violette DeSantis