Credit: Engineering genius? (ABC)

“GH” Rundown for the week of February 25-March 1:

What a wacky week in Port Charles it was, what with all the vampire slaying, relish stealing, BLT craving, wrestling-convention attending and reverse engineering going on.

The unsinkable Heather Webber.
Cockroaches have nothing on Heather, who managed to wreak a bit more havoc on the town before turning herself in to Anna. I think we all knew once we saw Olivia’s vision and then Heather standing there with a butcher knife where it was all heading, so the biggest shock was that Steve actually made it through surgery considering actor Scott Reeves is leaving the show. Too predictable I guess. At least Steve was finally able to admit Olivia’s visions have some merit. And all it took was a gutting by his mother. Great. Loved that even when she was thrashing around with that knife with Olivia Heather still couldn’t get those BLTs from Kelly’s off her mind.

But Heather wasn’t done there and high-tailed it to Wyndemere to snatch up her little do-over Danny. Rafe stood strong though, and it was totally shocking that when he called her crazy she didn’t blow up like she had in the past. In fact, the scenes between these two were some of the most touching of the week. Watching Heather see what she had done to Steve through the eyes of Rafe, who grew up with a mother just like her, was surprising and subtle. Heather played it so subdued, a nice change from the over-charged emotions Kate was spewing this week.

What about Rafe?
Alison’s visit to Rafe was a sweet footnote to her violent end, but if she was going to take the trouble to visit him from beyond, couldn’t she have told him a little bit more specifically who would take care of him. A vague “You are not alone” didn’t really cut it for me. What do you think should happen to Rafe now that his parents are gone? Vote in our GH Poll: What’s Next?

Starr’s smartness.
Who knew Starr was such an engineering genius? Certainly not anyone who watches “General Hospital.” Thank goodness Michael was there to explain to all of us about all of the advanced classes she has been taking at the university, breaking down chemicals and whatnot. Watching her struggle to get through the ingredients in a carton of vanilla ice cream just a few minutes later rang a little truer. Thank goodness Ellie was in the lab to help her out.

Dangerous curves ahead.
So the only place more dangerous in Port Charles than Pier 52 is the winding road that people seem to think is totally fine to stroll down in the middle of the street. Around a blind curve. In the fog. Of course, all of these nighttime visits were to mourn people killed in the road so that makes total sense. Not. Get out of the road!

First it was Kate’s turn so she could see where Trey was injured, and she really gave an earful to Sonny about abandoning her. Poor Sonny. It’s hard to believe he hasn’t thrown up his hands at this point and just told both Kate and Connie to stick it. And really, now that Kate is back, I miss Connie, and Sonny probably does too.

Then it was Starr and Michael hanging out by the side of the road memorializing Cole and Hope – as well as reminiscing about their first kiss and first time they had sex. Seemed a little weird that was where they chose to get all lovey, but whatever. The bigger questions is who was stomping around the woods spying on them. Todd? Another vet? Cole?