Somebody help, I’ve been kidnapped again.

Although as a private eye kidnapping is part of the norm, Sam McCall appears to be excelling at that part of the job. It is always nice to bring someone along if you are going to be kidnapped. Sam brought Danny. It isn’t the first time Sam has been kidnapped, and not the first time where she wasn’t alone either. She’s actually been captured and held hostage twice with Lulu. Oddly enough the most memorable time in that scenario was when Franco kidnapped both her and Lulu, but they were held in two separate locations.

In the winter of 2009, Jason and Dante were desperately trying to find Sam and Lulu. They knew it was a dire situation. To Lulu’s credit, she hadn’t a reason for being kidnapped by Franco, it was just that he couldn’t find his other potential victims. With Carly and Maxie unaccounted for, Lulu would do in a pinch.

Jason and Dante arrived in time before the explosives Franco rigged were set to go off. Sam and Lulu survived to be abducted again on another day, but not before Sam had the scare of her life. It wouldn’t be her last, but not all of the kidnapping attempts were successful.

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