Two can play at that game.

It was painful to watch Tracy sit back while A.J. suffered through his panic attack last week. Even more painful was her heckling him for faking a heart attack, something she claimed her father did often. While true, Edward Quartermaine did pretend to have a heart attack to manipulate Tracy, he wasn’t the only Quartermaine to do so.

In 1990, Tracy was trying to get out of prosecution by being too sick to go to court. She dragged her lawyer Scotty Baldwin to GH. Scotty argued relentlessly with Tracy trying to convince her that he could get her out of trouble legally, that is while hoping she didn’t actually kill the guy. Tracy didn’t think Anna Lavery cared one way or another if she was innocent of murder. Scotty was worried the DA would want proof Tracy had a heart attack and didn’t want her to pull such a stunt. She was convinced that Scotty could find some doctor whose ethics were for sale who would regurgitate information on Edward’s medical history as an example of her alleged poor health.

Unfortunately for Tracy, she didn’t take enough heart attack acting lessons from her dear old dad. She failed at a pathetic attempt of a heart attack much to the amusement of Monica who thought Tracy didn’t have a heart to begin with.

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– Violette DeSantis