My presents are wrapped, the menu is planned and the house is about as sparkly as it can be considering that it shelters two busy adults, two lively kids, two black hairy dogs and the newest members of our own personal ark, two squirrelly looking ferrets. All that’s left to do is cook and send holiday wishes to all of you at The cooking can wait!

To the readers, posters and my co-workers at, to the publicists, fan club presidents, ABC employees and General Hospital actors who are so generous with their time (and scoops!),and to the people who I look forward to seeing next month on the Soap Cruise, I wish you a joyous holiday season full of love and laughter.

I’m sure 2009 will be full of excitement, heartache and drama for General Hospital fans, so let’s relax by the fire while we can!


Julie Clark Robinson
GH Writer