Oh what a tangled web we weave.

Dr. Britt Westbourne better pay attention to the man behind the door because Maxie’s daddy made it clear he doesn’t play nice with the bad guys. It seems he has the Midas touch in dealing with the safe-keeping of secrets. Frisco came home and manned up as a father. It’s more than Felicia could accomplish in Maxie’s eyes when she returned for Georgie’s funeral. Maxie usually has a lot on her mind though. It seems every time her mother would visit there was murder and mayhem. Maxie was always somehow involved.

In 2012 upon Felicia’s most recent arrival to Port Charles, Maxie was keeping the secret of who murdered Dr. Lisa Niles. It was a secret she was willing to marry and go to prison for. It seemed if Maxie didn’t have a boyfriend who turned up dead, she’d have one who committed murder. Dr. Matt Hunter of course didn’t realize at the time that he was a murderer but Maxie diligently kept his secret just the same going against the best advice of close friends. It is too bad the same courtesy usually isn’t offered to Maxie when someone knows something incriminating about her.

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