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Julie’s General Blogspittle
(Week of December 15 – 19).

I simply have to begin this week with the Scorpio family reunion from Friday. As much as I was watching and enjoying what was unfolding on the screen, my mind kept rolling footage of snippets through the years with Anna, Robert and teeny Robin. Talk about soap history! The playful banter between Anna and Robert, the raw emotion on Robin’s face when her varying feelings about Robert came crashing to the forefront, and Robert’s pure sentimentalism when meeting his granddaughter for the first time were magic for me. And, I suspect, for many of you, too. On top of all that, something else became apparent to me while watching the scene. Did you notice how much Kimberly (Robin) and Finola (Anna) were trying to help Tristan (Robert) when it came to holding and feeding Emma? It was as if they were afraid he’d drop her! As sweet as his words (and delivery) were, his grasp on the tot was more like he was handling a box of rocks. Emma was crying because the way Tristan was holding the bottle the milk wasn’t getting to her, so suddenly Finola’s hands came into the frame to hold the bottle for him. That’s when the lines started to sound ad-libbed. Robert said, “It usually works for me!”, and Anna laughed and said, “…only a slightly different formula.”

There were other poignant moments for me last week as well. Claudia trying to bring some Christmas cheer into Sonny’s house was fun to watch, although I knew it wouldn’t sit well with him. Anyone who has lost a child knows that the first holidays are torturous on the heart. I suspect he’ll mellow a bit this week after seeing Morgan, but laying eyes on Michael’s ornament even delivered a blow to my heart. I’ve not felt much for Carly in recent history, but when Jax left and memories of happier times filled her head, I ached for her, too.