Here we go again.

Patrick can’t get a break in his love life. For the past few years it has been non-stop craziness. This year is no different. One can only wonder what the odds of survival are if you are injured and sent to “GH” for treatment. Drugs are constantly being tampered with, stolen, or dished out at random unnecessarily to others. Britt just persuaded Maxie to plant drugs near a dead guy to frame Sabrina. It was only just a couple of years ago that Lisa Niles drugged Patrick for her own amusement again. Not surprisingly, that was just a year after she messed with Robin’s medications.

To what lengths would Lisa go to win Patrick? Well for Valentine’s Day in 2011, Patrick was planning a romantic evening with his estranged wife Robin. Lisa had other plans so she could attempt another go with Patrick. Drugs weren’t the only thing Lisa kept in her bag of tricks. She recruited a previous acquaintance to bring her plan to fruition and Robin fell for the bait. Patrick was just about to tell Robin about his plans when someone swooped in and invited her out for a beer at Jake’s.

What’s a girl to do? She went out for a beer on a date. Meanwhile Lisa showed up and spiked Patrick’s beer while he spied on Robin. Tell us what you think about that while we pine away for the Robin and Patrick days of old.