Another murder at the pier. (ABC)

“GH” Rundown for the week of February 4-8:

There were a lot of comings and goings this week in Port Charles, with some confusion as to who was real and who wasn’t. Alison and Rafe came looking for Lucy and safety, but that was not to be as the pier claimed yet another victim and Rafe was locked up for murdering his mom. At least Ferncliff’s staff remained consistent as three criminals walked right out yet again.

Sabrina’s “crush.”
Olivia’s latest vision put Sabrina on the hot seat about as much as Liz’s insistence she tell Patrick how she felt, right on the spot at the nurses’ station. Mortifying! So now the question remains – what does Olivia’s vision of Steve and Sabrina getting cozy in the shower really mean? It was pretty obvious there was no chemistry between the two but that didn’t stop Olivia from really letting Sabrina have it for something she didn’t even do. Fortunately Britt wasn’t there to witness the whole uncomfortable scene. Unfortunately, it was only because she was too busy blackmailing Maxie into helping her destroy the sweet nurse. What is wrong with the staff at GH?

The Ferncliff Threesome.
Todd, Heather and Lucy were a trifecta of crazy perfection during their escape from Port Charles’ lowest security mental institution. Heather truly was an evil genius, pulling together an escape plan that was actually pretty decent. Plus, we got to see Todd in some aviators straight from “Top Gun.” Not cool of Lucy to leave Kevin lying in the snow after Heather knocked him out, but the whole situation was lightened up by Heather and Todd’s banter and high-fiving. And while we only got a bit of Todd’s fake French alter Rod, it would have been nice to get a dose of Mrs. Perkins too. Oh well – that was totally made up for by their mugshots that flashed up on the projector at PCPD – pure comedy.

Todd’s goodbyes.
Now that Todd is going on the run, probably back to Llanview, he had to say goodbye to Starr. Uh, where were the cops who should have been staking out the building? It was a touching scene between the two and it is likely they may not actually see each other for a while. Todd was so right – he only makes bad decisions and hurts people.

Then it was off to the MetroCourt for Todd, and his safe full of cash and a phony passport. Also, laughably, this was not being watched by the cops either. At least Carly had a bit of an explanation in that the cops asked her to call if she saw Todd. Ha! If McBain was mad at Ferncliff’s security he should be livid with his own. And did Todd really expect Carly to just leave Joss, her life and everything to go on the run with him from the police? Sure, they are good friends and they had good sex, but Carly knows better than anyone there is always another bad boy right around the corner.

Sonny, AJ and Michael.
Thanks to Connie’s total turnaround in the courtroom, Michael learned that Sonny had nothing to do with ELQ’s take down, yet still seemed wary of letting Sonny get close again. In fact, Michael has seemed less than enthused about a lot of things lately, except that food fight with Starr. He really needs to lighten up some, maybe go away with Starr for a romantic weekend. Do you think he will ultimately choose AJ over Sonny? Vote in our GH Poll: Choosing Sides.

As for Connie’s change of heart about Kristina, it was nice that it was her conversation with her cousin Olivia that brought it about. Connie needs to let people in who care for her, and it was understandable that she can’t do that fully with Sonny yet. But Olivia has no hidden agenda with her, only love, so it was a good person to start with.

What wasn’t cool was that Kristina got off as easy as she did. At least she got community service, very fitting for a mob princess. But like she told Johnny minutes before court, she really did want Connie dead and she would have done it if she hadn’t been stopped. She is a spoiled brat, and here’s hoping 500 hours under the thumb of a probation officer does her some good.