All out of love.

Frisco Jones just walked into The Floating Rib and Felicia is reassuring Mac with kisses. If Frisco harbored any feelings for Felicia it is uncertain if she would feel the same. Meanwhile, Luke is unhitched and unattached with the impending return of Scotty Baldwin and Laura Spencer to Port Charles. It is anyone’s guess what will happen next.

In 2000, Luke and Laura had a brief reunion when they attempted to search for Lucky who had been presumed dead earlier after a fire at Jason’s bike shop. It was no surprise that Helena and Stefan were responsible for Lucky’s disappearance. Laura was eager to help Luke find Lucky, but not eager to have help from someone who had become quite close to Luke since Lucky had gone missing.

Thinking they were over, Laura rekindled a relationship with Scotty to make Luke jealous regardless of his feelings for another. Do you remember who was involved with Luke?