Elizabeth and Ric’s rocky romance.

Elizabeth has been single for a while now, but is inching towards a friendship with AJ. Whether anything comes from it remains to be seen, but if they do get together it wouldn’t be the first time she fell for a bad boy.

In 2002, Liz met Ric Lansing, who moved above Kelly’s where she was working. She was still in love with Jason at the time, but she grew closer to Ric, despite hearing bad things about him from Carly, like the fact that he raped her. Ric of course told her his version of events, which was that he just let Carly think they had sex in order to get under his brother Sonny’s skin. Liz was conflicted over what to believe, but Ric assured her his love was real.

Ric teamed up with Faith against Sonny and the two became involved. Ric also tried to blackmail Sonny’s sister Courtney into marrying him, but his plan failed. When Liz found his ring for Courtney, she said she’d marry him if he asked. He did and they planned to get hitched. However, Faith was still obsessed with Ric and planned to get rid of Liz for good, including pushing her down the stairs causing her to miscarry.

Liz and Ric tried to make a go of it, but Ric thought Sonny caused the miscarriage and plotted revenge. He kidnapped a pregnant Carly with the intention of taking her baby for him and Liz to raise once it was born. In addition, he secretly gave Elizabeth birth control pills so she wouldn’t get pregnant.

Elizabeth discovered that Ric was holding Carly but before she could rescue her, the birth control pills caused an embolism. Once Liz woke up at the hospital, she remembered everything and distanced herself from her husband, who tried to win her back.

In order to end things once and for all between her and Ric, Elizabeth slept with Zander. She became pregnant, but Ric agreed to help her raise the baby as his own. They reunited, but Ric’s obsession with Sonny continued to rule his life. Liz had enough and divorced him. She left Port Charles for a time to give birth to Cameron on her own.

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– Lori Wilson