Brief reunion.

Felicia and Frisco first hooked up in 1984, as Felicia, disguised as a boy, searched for a family heirloom that Frisco had. Once her true identity was revealed, they fell in love and got married.

Frisco joined the WSB, which led to many adventures for the couple. However, it was dangerous work and Frisco was presumed dead at one point. Felicia grew tired of the danger, especially after the couple welcomed daughter Maxie into the world. Frisco couldn’t stay away from the adventure though. They divorced and he took off again.

Frisco returned when Maxie needed a heart transplant. Felicia turned to him for comfort and they reunited for a short time, despite Felicia being in a relationship with someone else. Frisco didn’t stick around long, but it was long enough to get Felicia pregnant with Georgie.

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