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Julie’s General Blogspittle
(Week of December 8 – 12).

I’m going to lead with something that I’m certain will not make me too popular amongst our Liason fans. Sorry guys, but I had to agree with Carly (something I rarely do!) when she pretty much said to Jason, “Duh, didn’t you and Liz break up already for the safety of Jake?” Granted, he and Liz had recently dallied a bit with their fantasy of spending time together, but to me, when they decided to make Jake a Spencer they acknowledged that they’d never have a life together. I had compassion as their harsh reality came to fruition this week, but still, the so called ‘break up’ wasn’t really news to either of them, was it? Great acting, though. I actually felt their pain even as I was yelling at the TV for Liz to accept his 5 million bucks.

Now, I might as well disgruntle another set of fans while I’m at it. Just because Jason has walked away from Liz doesn’t mean he should get back with Sam. I mean, her life has value too, and what Jason should do is cozy up to his guns at night instead of a woman. I know that Sam can handle his lifestyle and all, but does that mean she should have a bull’s eye on her forehead? On a side note, when she put down that bag of groceries and started snooping in Sasha’s car I wanted to throttle her. Maybe she does deserve to have a bull’s eye on her forehead.

On to the rest of the characters! I had been pretty much dreading the onset of the Crowell family, but I found Aunt Raylene’s scenes to be sweet and insightful. I almost hated to see the old gal kick it. Nik’s tenderness to Nadine during her grief is sweet to watch. Well, once I got past the cow milking scene, that is. I can’t tell you how happy I was to see Nadine’s high school friend stop by wearing a suit and not at all resembling a farm hand. I’m Ohio born and bred and cousin Bo just about put me over the edge. I did own overalls once, but hey, it was the 70’s.

I’m still enjoying the shenanigans over at Sonny’s house. I always love to see a new set, so the dining room lunch was interesting to me. Did anyone notice Claudia tearing her panini into tiny bits as if she were a hamster making a bed out of it? A tad distracting to me, but still, loved the scene. As for Ric, I feel for the guy. I don’t think he stands a chance with the object of his twisted desire for the foreseeable future.