Carly’s revenge has seen better days.

Carly just went on a rampage through Todd’s hotel suite with a pair of scissors. She was set on revenge, but it is quite possible that Carly could have done much better than cutting up Todd’s clothes. Granted his threads probably cost him a lot of money, and he looks like a man who likes to dress well, but it wasn’t one of Carly’s finest moments. They say that revenge is a dish best served cold. Perhaps Carly didn’t wait long enough to think out the proper scheme to get even with Mr. Todd Manning.

Where is the Carly of old? Maybe she’s not as rough around the edges as she used to be. It’s likely if she considered sleeping with Sonny that it wouldn’t bother Johnny or Todd as much as it would have Jax. Unfortunate for her it looks as if the only one who will benefit from her drunken revenge seeking rage may be A.J.

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