He’s back.

Scotty Baldwin returns to General Hospital in February. What brings him back is anyone’s guess, but before he shows up, refresh yourself with a brief history on the character.

The character of Scott Baldwin goes back to 1965 when he came to Port Charles with his mother Meg Bentley. She eventually married Lee Baldwin, who adopted Scotty. As an adult, Scotty became a lawyer and fell in love with Laura Webber. They married, but Laura left him for Luke Spencer.

Over the years, Scotty had flings with Bobbie Spencer, Heather Webber, Laura Templeton, Tracy Quartermaine, Katherine Bell and Eve Lambert (on “Port Charles”). He was also married a couple of times after Laura to Susan Moore, Dominique Stanton and Lucy Coe. His many relationships produced a couple of children including Karen Wexler, Logan Hayes, Serena Baldwin and Christina Baldwin, who he adopted with Lucy.

Laura leaving Scotty for Luke, the man who raped her, changed Scotty and he became a bit of a bad boy. Although he was a liar, manipulator, thief and corrupt D.A., he genuinely loved Dominique, who died from a brain tumor, as well as his children. However, he didn’t know Karen or Logan until they were adults. Scotty’s relationship with Lucy was a tumultuous one, as they often fought and schemed together, but they had moments of genuine love as well. Lucy was even his and Dominique’s surrogate for Serena.

Scotty never quite let go of his obsession with Laura, which often put him at odds with Luke. Scotty and Laura reunited for a time, but she eventually went back to his nemesis.

The character was last seen in Port Charles in 2008. It was revealed that Scotty, not Laura, was responsible for Rick Webber’s mistress’ death. When Laura “remembered” what she had done, years prior, she confronted Rick, who was killed, and fell into a catatonic state. During this time, Scotty also met his adult son Logan, who Lulu killed in self-defense. Enraged, Scotty threatened Lulu in front of Laura, who broke out of her catatonia to defend her daughter. Scott kidnapped Laura to Los Angeles to relive their past, but she was eventually rescued. When Laura prepared to fly to Paris to seek treatment, Scotty snuck aboard the plane.

What will happen next for Scotty? Keep watching “General Hospital” to find out.

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– Lori Wilson