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“GH” Rundown for the week of January 7-11:

Some hard truths were realized this week in Port Charles for quite a few people. Connie was forced to face her abilities as a mother in the aftermath of the accident she caused. Sam was also forced to face facts after John returned from his time in Switzerland with a complete briefing from Faison about what he did to Jason. Starr and Carly both realized Todd had been lying to them right when they both really needed him to lean on. And Ellie and Spin faced a long road ahead after her paralysis news. It wasn’t a happy and hopeful start to the New Year, that was for sure. Although whenever we get to see Coleman, it is never a bad week.

Anna’s confidence.
It is still hard to look at Duke and not think it is Faison in a mask, so it is easy to see where Anna is coming from when she says Faison turned all of her memories of Duke against her. More than that, she actually recoiled from his nearness. Sucks to be him. Sucks worse to be Robert though. His diagnosis was grim, but nothing a little writer’s magic can’t handle. I still have hope that he pulls through and makes a love connection with Olivia. It will be hard to let that dream go.

Meanwhile, Luke’s eye looked absolutely ghastly. When is he coming back to Port Charles? Something big happened and Lulu and Dante are about to be immersed in it, which makes me worry for their safety.

Maxie’s mess-up.
There is absolutely nothing more frustrating as a viewer than watching someone with something to confess try to stumble through a confession over the course of three or four – or more – episodes. Argh! Spit it out already. And then to watch Lulu tell Luke all excited when she finally got him on the phone. Rough. I guess it is possible she will fabricate another miscarriage while they are gone or something. Or she could just tell them the truth like any normal person but this is Maxie. Keeping the truth to herself is like a compulsion. It’s what led her to do jail time for Matt’s crimes and what will probably lead to a very difficult year ahead for her, Spin, Lulu and Dante.

At least Spin, who had something very difficult to tell Ellie, spit it out like a man instead of mumbling over it for scene upon endless scene. Not that it mattered since she didn’t seem to understand and then they were immediately dealt the news from Patrick about her paralysis, just like the inspiration for their rooftop meet-up, “An Affair to Remember.” How could Spin leave her now?

Patrick, Sabrina and Britt.
Britt is such a meddling brat, and I love it. She laid the guilt on Sabrina so thick about her feelings for Patrick, she practically scarred her against relationships for life.

Meanwhile, Sabrina needs a confidence boost, so when is she going to get her obligatory makeover from ugly duckling to swan? She has Felix and Lucy on her side and it is about time she shows Patrick just what he is missing. I have a feeling that Patrick may choose to rush things with Britt now that they have had sex, giving her a commitment if only to assuage his guilt for having sex with her. His telltale glance at his wedding ring after their shower encounter screamed guilt. It has been enjoyable watching Patrick in his doctor role again, and not just mourning husband on the rebound. He had a great bedside manner with Ellie and it showed that he takes his job seriously.

How awesome that Liz is not dropping the movie stealing either. Not that I want Britt to stop, but I can’t wait for her to get busted on some of her dirty deeds, of which she has had plenty. Which one of her schemes has been the most devious so far? Vote in our GH Poll: Bad Britt.

A sign for Sam.
McBain delivered a full explanation right to Sam’s doorstep about what happened to Jason the night he disappeared. Even if she had doubts, his explanation that Faison would have traded info about Jason if he could have made sense to her. She was finally ready to face the possibility that Jason was not going to be coming back to her and Danny. Still, without a body that door will never be closed fully for her and she will think there might be a possibility some day. This is “GH” after all. Even with a body the chances of revival are incredibly high.