Credit: Bad baby news. (ABC)

“GH” Rundown for the week of December 31 – January 4:

It was another short week in Port Charles, but no matter – the residents rang in the New Year in fine soap fashion. The countdown to midnight was the death knell for all of the secrets from 2012. Of course, it was also the start of a few new, big secrets as well. A lot of action was packed into the last few days and the repercussions could affect storylines for months, so let’s get into it.

Spin’s big night.
As Spin got ready on the roof of the hospital, Ellie really had no intention of meeting him until Maxie talked her into it. She was in full-on relaxed mode, face mask on and feet propped up. It may have been selfless on Maxie’s part to push Ellie to meet Spin, but she seemed more motivated in sparing Spin’s feelings in the short term by having Ellie show up than thinking it through for the long haul. Of course, once she got the news from Britt about losing Lulu and Dante’s baby, not surprisingly all thoughts of Ellie and her feelings went out the window.

As for Spin, when his chat with Milo turned into an impromptu dance, it was easy to get wrapped up in his delightful vision of his future with Ellie. Heck, even Milo was sold. So can we get a girl for Milo already? He deserves it. Who do you think would be a good match for him? Vote in our GH Poll: A Girl For Milo or let us know in the comments below.

Girlfriends and baby blunders.
So Maxie looked for Spin on the roof, fully expecting to interrupt his love fest with Ellie when she really should have been calling Lulu and Dante. Like she told Britt, it wasn’t her baby. It was Lulu and Dante’s and it was selfish of her to keep that loss from them. On what planet will this spare their feelings? I mean, Britt is going to have to tell them at some point.

But no matter how close Lulu and Maxie are, Lulu’s constant hovering would get old, fast. Even Lulu admitted it was too much. It will be interesting to see how this plays out if she is in Maxie’s face over a baby Maxie knows isn’t even hers.

Britt’s behavior.
Once Britt got the vomit dress off she high-tailed it over to Patrick’s sans scrubs. I am not sure what to make of his near-kiss with Sabrina, but I do not like him with Britt. She is such a vulture. But with Robin out there, there really isn’t a future for either of them, is there?

Before her midnight meetup, Dr. Westbourne was more concerned about getting busy with Patrick than properly caring for her patients. Michael even called her out on being in a rush, so there is no way to count out human error in this whole baby mess either, is there? If Maxie was inseminated with more than one embryo and her and Spin do have sex, she could be pregnant with multiples, each with their own set of parents. Or, she could be pregnant with just one baby and assume it is hers when it is really Lulu’s. And what about the dog? Was that the last we will see of him? Olivia didn’t seem to convinced by Lulu’s easy brush off of the whole matter. Of course, she is also wondering why she didn’t see Steve’s proposal before it happened so she has a lot on her psychic plate.

It is impossible not to grin ear to ear thinking about cute Emma and her excitement for an evening in counting down the New Year. Emma’s interaction with Sabrina is so sweet and innocent, it only makes me hope she gets her mommy back soon.

The party.
The gathering at the Haunted Star may have been a bust for Patrick, but certainly not big hair and shiny, metallic gowns. Very intense wardrobes going on.

And Dante’s not-so-delicate delivery of Connie’s freak out to Carly and Todd was classic. “She is on some kind of rampage,” he coolly told them. He then laid out how she kidnapped Johnny and knocked out Starr – like Carly and Todd wouldn’t overreact to that. The news didn’t stop them from hitting the road back to his room to get a jump on their resolutions to move on from Johnny and Blair though. Todd had to go for it before Carly found out he had been lying to her. He knows how much she hates that.

Meanwhile, Todd’s pronunciation of Connie’s last name is the best.