Lucky & Liz’s failed wedding.

There’s lots of activity this New Year’s in Port Charles, but in 2001, the main event was Lucky and Liz’s almost wedding.

Lucky, who had recently returned from Helena’s kidnapping, and Elizabeth decided to get married on New Year’s Eve in 2001. Luke and Laura worried separately to Lucky and Liz that they were rushing into things. Elizabeth seemed genuinely ready to marry her childhood sweetheart, while Lucky was a bit more angry and conflicted.

Meanwhile, Luke asked Laura to take off on a bike with him and elope. They could head out west and never look back. Laura reminded him her life was there, raising Lulu and helping Lucky with his wedding. Luke urged her to marry him one more time. She giggled and said she needed to get through Lucky’s wedding before she started thinking of their own. No promises though.

While Gia, Audrey, Laura, Lesley and Bobbie helped Elizabeth get ready at Laura’s house, Lucky talked with a concerned Nikolas. Lucky was sure that even though Helena took his memories of loving Elizabeth, they would come back to him just like everything else had. Luke showed up to give his son some pearls of wisdom when it came to marriage: Always leave the toilet seat down, compliment every new hairdo and the correct answer is always that she looks thinner.

Just before the wedding was to begin, Luke told Lucky if he couldn’t say he loved Elizabeth with all his heart and soul, like Luke loved Laura, then he shouldn’t marry her. Everyone took their places in Laura’s living room as Elizabeth walked down the aisle. As the two said their vows, Elizabeth noticed the lack of true love in Lucky’s eyes as he talked of their union. She ran upstairs. Lucky followed, as Luke explained to Laura that Lucky’s heart wasn’t with Liz anymore. Perhaps because of Helena. Lucky returned to his guests to tell them he and Elizabeth decided to take a step back for a while. The wedding was off.

Alone, Luke urged Laura to take off with him on his bike. She worried about leaving a jilted Lucky, but Luke knew Lucky would work things out. Laura giggled once again and agreed to go.

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– Lori Wilson