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Julie’s General Blogspittle
(Week of December 1 – 5).

Boy am I lame. I mean, I realize that it was indeed Claudia who arranged the shot that ended up putting young Michael in a coma, but still, she didn’t actually set out to harm the kid. See what I mean? Lame! If it were real life, I’d lobby to lock her up and throw away the key for hiring a shooter in the first place! But in soap world, I find that I rationalize away my favorite characters’ misdeeds. So here I am, hoping that Sonny never finds out what his new bride ultimately did to his son. I find myself looking forward to their ‘battle of the chefs’ and hoping that they continue to build on their shaky (at best!) relationship.

Who else loved the scene between Patrick and Matt when they co-watched Emma? I don’t know about you, but this new side of Patrick is really endearing to me. I find myself wondering how Jason Thompson feels about babies and if he’s ever been around them.

I’m torn as to what Tracy should do with her oddball marriage to Luke. On one hand, I figure she should indulge her heart a while longer give it a go with him, and one the other, she’s absolutely right to protect herself from further pain when Laura breezes back to Port Chuck. I’m forced to remind myself, again, that this is a soap and of course she should stick it out with Luke! If she were my real-life gal pal I supposed I’d advise her to cut her losses and protect herself. But, real life isn’t nearly as fun as watching them bicker over cocktails during a monsoon. On a side note, Jane Elliot’s hair cut even looks good wet!