Sonny celebrates Christmas.

This year Sonny came together with most of his family and friends. In the midst of the festivities during Sonny’s toast the partiers were interrupted by a seemingly misplaced Connie Falconeri as she arrived unannounced. Sonny figured it was the only place she had to go. Instead of allowing Max and Milo to put her out on Christmas Eve he welcomed her in the spirit of Christmas.

In some ways it may have been poetic that Connie was spending Christmas with Sonny. The previous year, as Kate Howard, Connie surprised Sonny in his former Bensonhurst home in NY with a Christmas celebration. She wanted him to have the Christmas he was never able to have during his tumultuous childhood. They walked the neighborhood remembering the old days and visited the home that he still owns. It was decorated for Christmas by Kate.

Perhaps Sonny remembered the previous year’s Christmas with Kate and found it in his heart to extend the same kindness to Connie. It was a start to a new beginning for Sonny and Kate. Is it possible that this Christmas is another new beginning, but for Sonny and Connie?

During Kate and Sonny’s stay in NY, she gave him a special gift. Vote if you remember what the gift was and leave a comment if you remember why.