What General Hospital fan wouldn’t love to get their hands on the songs that make their heart skip a beat? Starting December 15, that’s exactly what will be available for just 99 cents each at ABC Daytime or itunes.

As this year’s Outstanding Drama Emmy Winner, GH has created several pairings that fans fall in love with, many times via the music that plays behind their scenes. You’ll be able to buy songs like “Ours to Keep” for Jason and Liz; “So Right” for Luke and Tracy; “Patience” for Jax and Carly; “Something about You” for Logan and Lulu; “Just Close Your Eyes” for Nik and Nadine; and “One Thing On My Mind” for Ric and Claudia.

Come back to Soaps.com and review your choices with us, will you? After all the mob action in 2008, a little love music will go a long way!