“GH” rundown for the week of December 24-28:

This week was a little lite with only three episodes to transition us through the holidays. We closed last week not knowing what Connie did with poor Johnny’s body and this week we were surprised to find him alive and tied up on The Haunted Star.

Visions of sugarplums.
Okay, maybe just visions. Olivia is still freaking herself and everybody else out with her visions. Her Christmas Eve vision did come true when Spin came running through General Hospital carrying Maxie and screaming for help. It’s just baby jitters for all. She’s finally pregnant, but one can only feel sympathy for what Dante and Spinelli are going through with Lulu and Maxie. Lulu could do better by not trying to micro-manage her baby surrogate, especially since it’s her best friend.

Christmas at the Quartermaine’s.
Celebrations at the Q’s are quite a bit low key without Edward and Luke this year. Instead of speculating if Jason would show up A.J. pondered the likelihood of Michael making an appearance. Tracy took liberties at goading him while Monica and Alice were all but silent spectators. Something unexpected always happens at a Q gathering though, and Lucy Coe made good on that having arrived shortly after the mention of her name. Apparently the Quartermaine’s should change the locks because she is not going to give up the key she found in the all too familiar hiding place. It didn’t take long for them all to bond over Lucy’s interest in ELQ.

The nurses’ ball.
It’s fun to see Lucy work the tie-breaking share to her advantage. Not sure if CoeCoe Cosmetics can cure Britt’s smug looks, but Lucy is taking liberties throwing the backing of ELQ into the project to turn all those frowns upside down.

Sonny in the spirit.
Sonny’s party was hopping despite the absence of Michael, Jason and Kate. Well Kate was present in that Connie Falconeri crashed the party. Sonny was all too kind and let her stay. With all the motherly instinct she could muster she confronted Trey to offer condolences for the loss of his father. It was a rough exchange, one that might have been better had she signed up for some parenting courses. Meanwhile Ellie was put out as she confided in Spinelli about the Giambetti brothers following her around discussing seeing ghosts. Perhaps a mystery storyline is in the works.

Where’s the crazy?
It is refreshing to see that Connie picked up the crazy torch right where Heather left off. We needed another kidnapping before the year was out. Johnny’s trying to be one of the good guys and Connie is trying to live with a conscience, but is her conscience really Kate trying to return? Skip that, with Johnny in a trunk and Starr knocked out at The Haunted Starr it is hard to think she has a conscience, it is quite delicious.

Michael and Starr spent the holiday together, might have been romantic but it was after full disclosure of Michael’s life in prison. Ellie and Spinelli might be the couple to close out the year in romance. Not surprisingly the story mirrors that of a classic movie, in typical Spinelli fashion. Kristina and Trey had the makings of a perfect romance. It is a little disappointing that only a few episodes were dedicated to bringing the two back together. Carly and Todd are still a little lukewarm. There is still time for a romance to heat up for New Year’s.

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All screen shots courtesy of ABC.

– Violette DeSantis