The fabulous Ms. Coe. (ABC)

“GH” rundown for the week of December 17-20:

It wasn’t a total blockbuster week in Port Charles, but that’s not to say there weren’t plenty of gasp-worthy moments – including Robert getting totally overpowered by Obrecht at the clinic. Really? Seriously, he saw that his beloved dead daughter was actually alive and he was all pumped up on adrenaline yet he let Obrecht stab him with a syringe? Then he couldn’t even gasp out Robin’s name to Anna among all his other mumblings. Ack – too much! We were subjected to more ELQ math via professor AJ but his formula was blown out of the water now that Sam has made it a 50/50 split – as long as Carly signs over Michael’s shares. I was over this storyline but suddenly it got interesting again, if not a little convoluted.

Todd and Connie, oh my.
I realize not everyone is a fan of Roger Howarth as Todd, but as someone who watched “OLTL” back when he was the original Todd, his evolution as snotty frat boy to snotty media mogul has been awesome. His chemistry with Heather Webber was awesome, but it seems no matter who he is paired with on screen he goes all in. His hairball heart attack routine with Connie and Starr was truly funny, but his calls to Carly and Starr to suss out whether they had spoken to Johnny were even more so in their subtlety. Now if we can only get him somewhere in the romance department.

Who is AJ?
Consider me confused when it comes to AJ. Fans are divided about his motives, and it is hard not to be. My feeling is that he is really trying to be a better man than he was before, it is just hard for a tiger to change his stripes. At least he was honest and told Michael it was in his nature to lie, but he would try not to lie to him. Classic. Poster ranshoma said, “So AJ tells Michael he will continue to lie. What’s the point of talking to him or being involved in business with a man that can’t help himself from lying? How will you ever know what’s the truth and what’s not?”

The hothead challenge.
Carly and Sonny resolved to butt out of AJ and Michael’s relationship, not to take the high road, but to be in the clear when AJ implodes. Sounds totally reasonable. So how do you think they will fare? Vote in our GH Poll: Holding Back.

That little brittch.
Patrick got an amazing gift, a message from Robin with the go ahead to date someone else and create a happy home for Emma. Only two minutes later he called Britt, who came trouncing in with a stolen movie and all the right moves. Robin warned him she would haunt him if he chose wrong, and oh boy, he could really be in for it. But there has to be more to evil Britt. Not that I mind having an evil doctor around the hospital, but it would be nice to get some insight into how she got this way. She is obviously insecure, looking for validation from Patrick on a physical level. Perhaps his kindness will soften her edges a bit and reveal a bit more underneath. Her little spat with Liz was nice, and I am glad they put each other on notice. Anything to give Liz more interaction with people on screen. So frustrating.

Johnny’s confession.
There is some serious guilt coursing through Johnny’s veins, and all it has gotten him so far is knocked out by Connie. Things never move as slow on a soap as when someone has something important to tell someone else.

Baby making and relationship ruining Poor Spin is so well-intentioned and Ellie is so sweet, but will he really be able to resist a selfless, pregnant Maxie? Not likely. Ellie sees the signs, but Spin is very persuasive because he believes it himself. If this ends, it won’t be well.

Oh, hey Jerry. Back so soon?
All evil roads led to Jerry Jacks, or so it seems. We knew from his dealings with Dr. Ewen that he was behind Robin’s abduction from the start, and he certainly doesn’t look any worse for the wear from the boat explosion. His leather jacket and black T-shirt are perfectly intact. He also isn’t hacking up a lung anymore either, so he must have taken all that money he got from the one percenters and bought his cure. Does this mean we get to see Jax again too?