Remembering Port Charles 2012.

Well, “GH” has gone through changes this year. The majority were positive, some predictable, and in the end promising is the word to describe the future of Port Charles.

2012 started with news that Jax was alive, Lulu and Dante were getting married, Lulu was trying to find herself, Robin was ill and about to run away from her family, and soon Kristina would be dropping out of college to become a reality TV star in “The Mob Princess.”

It seemed things were really getting exciting mid-year after Heather Webber returned. All manners of craziness stormed into Port Charles affecting residents, most notably Luke Spencer and Steve Webber (or Steven Lars as Heather would say). It was a surprise she was back but no surprise that she was still crazy. Heather was prominent in the biggest storylines this year, including the kidnapping of Luke, switching babies on Sam and Tea, tampering with paternity tests, hiding Anthony Zacchara’s body, killing a doctor, and sending another victim into an LSD overdose.

By year’s end Cesar Faison was alive posing as Duke Lavery, who was also alive and a prisoner in a Switzerland institution with Robin. Meanwhile in Port Charles Patrick was getting ready to move on with a not so nice doctor, despite the best efforts of the timid new nurse Sabrina.

Although Robin was presumed dead for most of the year after a lab accident, A.J. Quartermaine returned home after Monica contacted him that Jason was missing and likely dead. Sonny’s life wasn’t challenging enough trying to rescue Kate from Connie, now he has to rescue Michael from A.J.

In remembering best kept secrets, as far as storylines go we couldn’t ask for more in the way of deception. Franco led Jason on and took his secret about their connection to his death. Heather took liberties to get even with Sam by messing with paternity results of the Morgan baby. She was all too eager to disclose that Franco was Jason’s brother though. Todd Manning was in on a baby switcheroo with Heather and kept it a secret that Tea’s baby was dead. Liz got in on the action when she tried to keep it secret that Sam’s baby was alive. Johnny, Connie and Todd kept a secret from Starr about Johnny being the cause of an accident that killed her boyfriend and daughter when he shot out Anthony’s tires. Connie got Kate out of marrying Sonny by blackmailing Johnny and marrying him. Maggie and Steve shared a secret from Memphis and Heather killed her to keep it a secret. Maxie took her secret about Matt killing Lisa Niles to prison until Spinelli saved her. Anthony kept silent about being Johnny’s grandfather. Monica and Steve shared the secret about A.J. being alive and in hiding. Joe Scully Jr. kept the secret that Connie was Trey’s mother. Anthony kept Tracy’s secret about stealing money…and she married him to keep him quiet. Heather kept Luke’s secret about Anthony being dead, but Luke wouldn’t marry her. Todd kept her secret about keeping Luke hostage. Her last secret is that she is alive. I’m starting to think we might have a better chance of seeing her in 2013 than of ever seeing Robin again.