Not Sweet Sam.

This week, not knowing what to do upon Faison’s capture, Dr. Obrecht handed Robin off to Jerry Jacks. Upon confronting her, Jerry made a reference to Robin’s nickname, which goes back to 2007’s Metro Court hostage crisis storyline.

While Jerry, then going by the name James Craig, and his gang held everyone in the hotel lobby, he made them toss something around the room. When someone new caught the item, they had to say their name along with an identifier. If someone dropped it, they would be shot.

Jerry’s name among the group of bad guys was simply One. His nickname was Fun One. Some of the other names included Kick Ass Carly, Menacing Max, Sweet Sam, Screw You Lulu, Intern Emily and Michael. Corinthos. Junior. Luckily, no one dropped the item being thrown around the room, but Jerry shot Robin anyway, just for effect.

Obviously, Robin lived, but do you remember what her name was? Vote and comment on the storyline below.