Matchmaker, matchmaker, make A.J. a match.

Port Charles fans may be split down the middle about liking A.J. Quartermaine but one thing’s for certain, with a limited number of single males on the show the available women of Port Charles may be looking at A.J. in a new light. Let’s be real, love or hate a character, they’re not much fun to watch unless they are being bad or falling in love. A.J.’s past is a little weak in the true love department but this bad boy can make trouble with the best of them. In the past he’s had an affair with his cousin Ned’s girlfriend, married Carly, married Sonny’s sister, was infatuated with Keesha Ward, and stole all his family’s money and ran off with a divorcee.

Can you help find A.J. the perfect companion? Select his future soul mate or intimate partner in crime and comment on your choice below.