So many husbands, so little time.

Lucy Coe will be popping up on “General Hospital” on December 14 to help with the Nurses’ Ball. Before those events ever began though, Lucy hit the scene as a mousy librarian in 1986.

Of course, that librarian turned into a seductive schemer, as she went on to ruin a couple of Bobbie Spencer’s marriages, engaged in a lot of manipulation with Scott Baldwin and weaseled her way into marriages with Tony Jones and Alan Quartermaine. During the latter union, Lucy infamously wed Alan in a shocking red dress. Lucy also married Rex Stanton, a bad guy, who set up Scotty in order to get custody of Serena.

Those marriages didn’t work and though Lucy had a long history with Scott Baldwin, whom she also married, she went on to find a great love in Kevin Collins. Their relationship was a bumpy one though, which included their own broken marriage, relationships with other people and evil vampires during their time on “Port Charles.”

Lucy remained in Port Charles until 2003 and returned in 2004 for Lila Quartermaine’s memorial service. As her decades’ long arc played out, she evolved into a beloved character who hosted every Nurses’ Ball and lost her clothes every time.

During her bad girl days, do you remember which future husband Lucy had an affair with while married to Alan? Vote and comment below.