Julie’s General Blogspittle
(Week of November 24 – 28).

I always love a good Thelma & Louise story. Granted, Sam and Liz were only briefly in a car and a couple of brooding Russians don’t even come close to a strapping, young Brad Pitt. But still, two women on the run will always be a Thelma & Louise story to me. I was a little surprised at how calm and cool Sam was in comparison to Liz, but then again, if guns were blazing anywhere near my two kids, I’m sure I’d be anything but calm and cool. In the end Liz spring to action when needed. The look on Jason’s face when he pulled up to the cabin and learned that Jake had been taken was pure ‘this is the moment I’ve feared the most’.

Do I think Carly will actually fire her gun in her general vicinity of Jax and Kate? Nah. Do I love the idea of Jax and Kate trying to buffer their respective pain with each other? You betcha! Do I look forward to Jax explaining to her ad nauseum why their marriage is over? Been there, done that.

Moving right along to the scenes that truly stole my heart last week – Sonny and Claudia! I love, love, love them together, you can’t talk me out of it. (You can give it a try though!) Everything they did that led them to their midnight date with the Padre was pure soap magic for me. I loved when Sonny pelted Claudia with her engagement ring, but then engaged in a downright respectable conversation with her about respecting each other. I loved that she wore black to her own wedding. I loved when he showed up unshaven and chomped gum during the ceremony. I loved it when Claudia slammed Anthony after he ordered the Padre not to leave room for any loopholes in the ceremony. “What a sweet way to give me away Daddy,” she cooed. How can she hate the guy so much and still call him ‘Daddy’ with all the sweetness of a sleepy three year-old? I honestly cannot wait to see more of the newlyweds. Somehow I don’t think it’ll be long before Sonny makes her some pasta and they actually come to enjoy one another’s company.